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What if Mike Wrote...The Avengers Movie
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February 11, 2010
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I am writing the plot to the Avengers movie with a few predictions in mind:

1) The Thor movie is a giant hit
2) The Ant-Man movie will not be released before this one.
3) Captain America dies or is frozen at the end of his WWII flick
4) The sequel to the Incredible Hulk will not be made.
5) Marvel will get Edward Norton to return as Bruce Banner, and don't just use a CGI Hulk.
6) This assumes that the Black Widow survives the Iron Man II film

The film plot I propose will be heavily influenced by the Ultimates, but be closer in tone to the original Avengers.

I see this film as an event, one that will be unlikely to be repeated, so it is in Marvel's best interest to make this a movie with an epic scope. My suggestion is to make it two hours and forty-five minutes long. We know fans will sit through epics that long thanks to of the success of the Lord of the Rings, plus because of the cast size, there is a good chance that problems will develop with a sequel, so it would be best to make sure this movie leaves people feeling fulfilled.

The Main Cast:

Ant-Man/Giant-Man/ Henry Pym: A scientist who can communicate with ants, control them, plus shrink and grow in size.

Iron Man/Tony Stark: A billionaire with a cold metal heart and a suit of gold, that can fly and blow things up.

General 'Thunderbolt' Ross: The man responsible for funding the Hulk project and causing Banner to flee from the military.

Hawkeye/Cliff Barton: An assassin who is known for using archers' weapons.

Hulk/Bruce Banner: A hapless scientist who turns into one of the most powerful creatures on Earth when he is upset.

Loki/God of Mischief: Thor's rival, a shape shifting trickster god, whose action unintentionally create the Avengers.

Nick Fury: The current head of SHIELD.

Thor/Dr. Donald Blake: The Norse God of Thunder who is cursed to live in the body of a feeble doctor when he is seperated from his hammer.

Wasp/Janet Pym: Henry Pym's wife, she can change size, create bio-energetic stings and fly when she is shrunken.

Widow, (the Black)/Natasha Romanoff: A Russian assassin that is now working for America.


S.H.I.E.L.D.: Nick Fury's secret organization that is put in place to stop superhuman threats.

A.I.M.: Advanced Ideas in Mathematics; a terrorist group made of scientists that want to start chaos for their own purposes.

Avengers: What the group comprised of the film's heroes is eventually called.

The Plot:

Act I:

The movie starts off with Iron Man leading a SHIELD team through a recently bombed lab, they take down and capture an AIM scientist. Stark questions the man, but gets little out of him. Stark is talking with Nick Fury over radio signal, but stops as he sees a glowing vile that was carried by the AIM scientist. He scans it and sends it to SHIELD, where it is recognized by Hank Pym and his wife Janet.

Hank and Janet are doing a check on the computers, and Janet finds out that all the properties match a formula that a certain General was working on. Hank is disappointed that his wife found the info before he did and is disappointed he couldn't work faster. Janet gives the news to Fury, who calls General 'Thunderbolt' Ross.

Ross is flown in to the SHIELD headquarters, where Henry Pym harshly greets him. It's revealed that Talbot cut the funding for Pym's (insect) communications research, and bio-elasticity projects. (Technology that makes matter expand or shrink.) Ross tells him that he shouldn't waste his time on crap and return to the cybernetics unit he worked in. Nick Fury than comes in to chew Ross out, since AIM somehow managed to get Ross' Super Soldier formula. Ross looks at the sample Iron Man took and exclaims that it's not a failed formula, it's Bruce Banner's (the Hulk's) blood.

Nick Fury decides to take precautions. They figure if AIM has the Hulk's blood, there's a good chance they can duplicate the results in a few years. This means that SHIELD will need people at Hulk level strength. So, Nick takes Iron Man and goes to see Thor.

Stark and Fury are unsure if Thor is the genuine article, and Thor treats their concerns as none of his business. After Nick Fury realizes that he can't influence Thor, he walks away, but Tony stays behind. Thor asks why Stark is doing all the heroics, and he replies that he's not trying to change the world, he's already done that, he's just trying to right his wrongs. When Thor asks Stark why he is with Fury and SHIELD, Stark says he's here to keep an eye on them.

Ross calls his men and tells them to move the package to sector four, but the convoy is attacked and captured by SHIELD's black ops unit. Leading it are agents Hawkeye and Widow. They call Fury and tell them that the package was not Banner and that they would not believe what it is.

Fury and Ross argue over not revealing what was in the General's Base, the General says that the government doesn't trust SHIELD and Fury says that no one trusts Ross. It's revealed that Ross came across the corpse of Captain America while hunting the Hulk a few month's back. Just then Hank Pym barges into the room and says that he's found the Hulk. Fury says that if SHIELD found the Hulk, someone else would have told him. Pym says SHIELD didn't find the Hulk, he did, and he pats his funny-looking helmet. Fury says that if Pym's mistaken on this, he won't just fire, but bankrupt the guy.

The team goes to the Arizona desert, just outside a major cities limits, (doesn't matter which one,) and they try and calm the creature down. They agree to take him down strategically. Nick Fury reveals that Janet is able to shrink down to her insect size and grow wings while doing it. Iron Man goes in first and takes off his helmet to try and ensure Hulk that no one is going to hurt him. One of the Black ops moves in to quickly, but Fury refuses to withdraw them. This upsets Hulk, but Tony thinks it's under control until he mentions Banner. This causes Hulk to loose it and Fury opens fire, making the Hulk to go into an all-out rage.

This is where a huge fight ensues. Some onlookers and camera crews get shots of the fight. Basically everyone is in a huge brawl and it looks like they'll lose, until Thor arrives and crushes the brute. The Hulk reverts to Banner.

Act II:

Back at SHIELD, Nick is debriefing the team. Saying how disgraceful and rookie their performance was. He mentions that public relations be damned, he's putting a Black Ops as the team leader. Just then, someone calls Nick Fury to see something. Nick arrives in a hospital room, seeing a barely conscious Captain America, who immediately becomes dangerously paranoid when Nick Fury introduces himself, thinking that he's in a Nazi set up. Captain America tries to escape but realizes he is in America. Nick tell cap that they need to talk.

Hank and Jan talk about the mission and how Hank is pissed off at Jan for almost getting herself killed. Jan figures out the Henry is more pissed at himself for being next to useless in the field, and locks himself in his lab. Jan goes to Iron Man who is talking with Thor. They discuss how they don't like how Nick Fury is leading the team. Iron Man thinks that his armour is working to block SHIELD's monitoring devices, but we see Fury listening in.

Hawkeye and Widow are monitoring Banner as Jan is talking to him, she tells him that after the incident in NY, (as seen in the Incredible Hulk movie,) the government doesn't want his blood, they just want to see keep everyone in check until they find out who leaked Banner's DNA.

We see Hank Pym going through the street, to meet someone in a shady part of town. It turns out to be a leader of AIM. So Pym hands over the vile after getting paid. But the deal is interrupted by a strike force led by Captain America. A quick battle ensues, then Steve tells SHIELD he's found the traitor. Pym protests but gets knocked out by Cap.

Nick celebrates, saying they've captured the traitor, and that Captain America's first field command was a success.

The AIM leader is questioned and leads them to AIM HQ, which turns out to be a trap. The Avengers get attacked by a super soldier/mini-Hulk type hybrids. At one point it looks like Thor is about to save the day, but he is struck down too, by Loki. Loki shifts into Nick Fury's shape and heads back to Avenger's HQ.

Act III:

Hank Pym and Bruce Banner are across from each other in clear cells, giving each other exposition. They are interrupted by Loki, who is disguised as Nick Fury, bringing a super soldier corpse past them.

The real Nick Fury and Steve, talk about what is going on, and how Cap says he's not sure if he can lead in this new world. Just then Janet has an idea to get a message to Hank, by communicating through ants.

Loki injects the super soldier/mini-hulk with something to make it explode, releasing a bio-weapon in the lower levels of the HQ. Ross wants to know what's going on, but Loki knocks him out and tells the base to get to the lower levels and kill anyone contaminated.

A bio-hazard clean up team comes in and starts shooting, but when they get to the cells, they're empty. Banner and Pym are seen escaping, and take Ross with them. Pym stops by his lab to gather an experiment he's been working on. Shortly after they leave, Loki blows up HQ. The escapees are about to be attacked when Hawkeye and Widow come in and save them.

Back in Loki's prison, Iron Man is using his equipment to summon his old pieces of armor and some remotely controlled vehicles to blast his team to freedom. His plan succeeds. Thor leaves to gather re-enforcements. The rest of the team meets up with the ones that escaped from HQ.

Loki watches from a distance and decides to hatch his plan prematurely, by releasing his bio-weapon all over New York. Nick Fury figures out what Loki is up to, and the team confronts the trickster god.

A battle ensues, during which, Captain America proves his leadership, Banner shows he has more control when turning into the Hulk, Ant-Man becomes Giant-Man, Nick Fury proves why no one messes with him, and the Wasp cripples Loki (probably by stinging his brain) until Thor comes down and easily finishes the job.

What they didn't realize is that they are too late, Loki releases the gas. And the Avenger's have only minutes before it reaches the population. Tony figures out a solution, using Thor's powers, a great funnel moves the bio-weapon gasses towards the Hulk, the Hulk uses the radiation in his system to burn and destroy the stuff. The plan works, but makes the Hulk a bit unstable. He goes for General Ross, who is defended by Pym (as Giant Man,) Pym gets taken out pretty easily, but Captain America leads the Black Ops to subdue the Hulk. Ross is about to shoot the Hulk with something, but the Hulk deflects the shot and it hits Janet, knocking her out of the fight. This shocks the Hulk enough so that Bruce can break through for a minute. He tells them to stop attacking the Hulk and he'll be able to drive him away. Ross gets another chance to fire his gun, but doesn't. Bruce turns back into the Hulk and jumps away.

Nick Fury looks around and thinks they've saved the day, but doesn't know how to celebrate.


The group that took down the Hulk signs a charter, Tony says that after Loki's attack on HQ, it would be best if the group distanced itself from the government, only being sanctioned by it, and not run by it.

General Ross tells Fury that the cameras caught Loki shape shifting and that he is off the hook for any wrongdoing at SHIELD. Fury tells Hank that the Loki version of him told Hank to go undercover and sell the materials to AIM as a sting operation. Janet has recovered, but she and Hank decide to leave SHIELD and recover for a while. Thor says the petty politics of men are no force for him to be ruled under, but promises Tony that if the world needs help, he'll be there with him, especially if Loki returns.

Captain America feels comfortable being with the SHIELD approved team of 'The Avengers.' Nick says if that's the case, he'd like Cap to lead the new team, where the agents, Widow and Hawkeye are his new crew. Iron Man stays on as a reserve member. Tony makes a speech and the film ends.

Bonus Material:

See what source material and movie information was used to create this plot by clicking here.

See the potential problems fans will have with this plot, and how the movie is defended by clicking here.

Legal Stuff
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Photo One is of Black Widow from Iron Man II.
Photo Two is of Hulk in The Incredible Hulk film.
Drawn Picture is of Captain America by Steve Epting.
Final Picture is of The Ultimates by Bryan Hitch.
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Mike M. (April 11, 2010 11:54am)
Answers to a few FAQ's:

-Poison Gas isn't Loki's style, but gas that transforms people into mini-Hulk-like monsters is.

-Loki only impersonates Nick Fury after Nick gets captured.

-Nick Fury set up Hank Pym to take the fall in the undercover operation, but used Loki's impersonation as him as an way not to get blamed for it.

-The Avenger's mansion is not in this film, but it'd play a large role in the second.

-The final climax does end on a downbeat note, but it fulfills all of the major points from the first 16 issues of the Avengers. It also hints that greater things are in store for their future.

-Captain America doesn't come in full costume until half-way through the film, but he'll be the main player in the sequel, and his actions are what starts to pull the team together by the end.

-Hints will be given that Loki is shape-shifting around SHIELD before the big reveal.